Kevin Beasley: Creating Contemporary Histories 

Kevin Beasley’s installation at the Hammer museum (pictured above) closes this weekend! Beasley is a renowned artist primarily working in sculpture and performance art through sound installations. This artwork utilizes resin and found objects he manipulated to create haunting and mysterious human-like figures. Inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the iconic Black Panthers’ chair photography (see both below). Much like this piece, Beasley’s works often pull from personal expenses as well as historic references. He considers the way the artwork will be viewed as part of the sculpture itself and this is especially evident in this work which takes advantage of the vault-shaped gallery of the room at Hammer. As a long-time musician Beasley also has done a series of performances and sound installations. One is TONIGHT, Saturday April 22nd, at the El Dorado Ballroom in Houston Texas.

Above: St. John’s Basilica in Rome which inspired his work at the Hammer due to gallery’s vault-like shape.

Above: Black Panthers’ founder Huey P Newton in the chair that inspired the work currently on view at the Hammer Museum.


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