Losing a Legend: Barkley Hendricks 1945-2017

Legendary artist Barkley L Hendricks passed away yesterday morning at the age of 72. Best known for his oil paintings depicting black urban culture, his work has reached many styles and genres over his lifespan. Working in painting, film, fashion, and photography he often depicted friends and family and drew awareness to the beauty of African American culture and movements. His influence on other artists such as Kehinde Wiley is undeniable and admirable. Thank you for your artistic contributions and inspirations. 1945-2017

The first image shown above is a self-portrait from 1977 titled Slick.

Above: Lawdy Mama, 1969, oil and gold leaf on linen canvas

Above: Blood (Donald Formey), 1975, oil and acrylic on cotton canvas

Above: Family Jules: NNN (No Naked Niggahs), 1974, oil on linen

Above: October’s Gone…Goodnight, 1973, oil and acrylic on linen canvas

Photo of Hendricks from the Jack Shainman gallery.


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