Hammer Time! Summer 2016 at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Angelinos and those in all the surrounding areas are all geared up for the Hammer Museum’s latest and greatest Made in L.A. show! This display of local artists’ works have taken over the entire museum for the summer! Be sure to come by and experience it for yourself and cast your vote for your favorite artist to help the winner receive a grand prize of $1,000. From paintings and sculptures to videos and live performances this collective exhibition is no disappointment. There are several FREE events throughout the summer and yes, the museum is ALWAYS FREE. Parking is $6 with validation for three hours, but there are several buses that drop off right by the museum as well. Swing by and if you’re lucky you may be able to brush elbows with some of the artists and their friends as several continually pop in and out of the galleries. Be sure to take a few moments to test drive the circular spinning chairs in the courtyard! The Hammer Museum is located in Westwood just down the street from UCLA. For more information and to check dates and times of various events please check out their website at:  https://hammer.ucla.edu/


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